Moving along

I am sad, but also excited, to announce that after 11 years I am leaving Daily Kos and joining Raintank, where I will be working on monitoring software and doing devsy-opsy. It’s been a long and interesting ride at Daily Kos. I went through many election cycles, met lots of interesting people, learned a lot of things, had to solve a lot of difficult problems, and worked with some amazing people.

Making the internet better, one step at a time

While I’ve had some of those sharing type buttons on this site ever since I moved it over to Octopress a while back, I’ve never been real keen on them. In fact, I never actually use them anywhere and don’t really like them, so in order to do my part to improve the Internet I’m taking them off. As an added bonus, posts should load slightly faster too. If you feel inclined to share something from here, suck it up and copy n’ paste the URL like a normal person would.

Thinking about a layout change

I’ve been pleased with Octopress so far, but I’ve been thinking about making some layout changes here so this blog doesn’t look quite so much like every other Octopress site out there. When I first set it up I changed the fonts and colors at least so it wasn’t quite as generic, but I feel like it’d be nice to get it looking at least a bit better.

Switching hosts around a bit

I decided to finally get this ol’ site moved to an EC2 instance. It has pretty low resource usage, so normally something like S3 would be just fine, but since my particular Octopress blog has some unusual rewrite rules that it needs for the foreseeable future, an EC2 instance it is. At least it’ll be a chance to get more familiar with some of Amazon’s services and whatnot, although if a way to conveniently do the rewrite rules somehow in S3 pops up, I may switch to that.

Getting things rolling

OK, while not everything's absolutely totally ready, I'll throw this up before I start throwing up some actual content. Basically I'm starting this blog up to post about stuff that I come across while working the backend of Daily Kos that might prove helpful for other people. Hopefully it succeeds in that. To start things off, I've reposted some things I had posted over at Daily Kos. Now I'll start going through some of the random stuff I've encountered over the years along with their fixes as I remember them.