Switching hosts around a bit

I decided to finally get this ol’ site moved to an EC2 instance. It has pretty low resource usage, so normally something like S3 would be just fine, but since my particular Octopress blog has some unusual rewrite rules that it needs for the foreseeable future, an EC2 instance it is. At least it’ll be a chance to get more familiar with some of Amazon’s services and whatnot, although if a way to conveniently do the rewrite rules somehow in S3 pops up, I may switch to that. I’d prefer not to break old URLs though, so in the meantime I’m doing it this way.

This was, oddly enough, one reason I decided to switch this site from Scoop to Octopress. When Time To Pull The Plug was a Scoop site, my boss graciously let me put it on the Daily Kos cluster, but I knew that if I ever wanted to move it off there as a Scoop site I would be in a world of hurt, because I would need the full mod_perl stack and MySQL database. This would be an awful lot of expense and resources for a personal blog, but moving this over to Octopress would give me a lot more flexibility.

Once I had done the conversion, I moved over to the image server and set up shop there. That was great and all, but I had been thinking of getting a micro EC2 instance for a while, and this is a good justification for it. Once I figure out a good way to get this up in S3 with the redirects and rewrites, though, I’ll likely get that roped in to the process as well.

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