Apologies about the SUBSCRIBE box, to all three of you.

I thought I had taken it out when I was setting this up, but apparently forgot to. Sorry about that.

Comments imported from the old site.


Phew. n/t

you're supposed to recommend my comment so I can achieve trusted user status.

Fine, fine.

I hardly ever rec comments, so it's easy to forget.

you say that like it was a bad thing

Actually, I rather like the idea of subscribing to my favorite websites.  I'd much rather subscribe (and pay) for content I want than give up screen real estate to ads I don't want.  I consider my subscription to DKos money well spent.  I've nudged Booman more than once about doing something similar, and there have been discussions on Eurotrib as well.

My two copper clad zinc tokens worth.

Somewhere in cyberspace, the ghost of de Chardin is smiling.

... this site is quite a ways from having ads, if they'd ever become viable. However, I'd reinstate the subs if I added ads.

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