Olde Timey Games

Classic bsdgames on Mac OS X

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about old-timey computer stuff, and I got a hankerin’ to play some of those old BSD games. No one had ever gotten around to getting OS X versions of the games up on the Internet, though (while some have started, no one ever seems to have finished and put their changes out there), so I spent a little time this evening and got most of them working.

Doom is still fun after all these years

I’ve not been smoking lately. This is generally considered a good thing, but even while using one of those electronic dealies you hear about I miss getting up and walking outside. I needed a way to be able to blow off some steam that didn’t involve going outside and smoking. On a lark I fired up Doom again (PrBoom is the one I’ve been using, but there are many ports these days), and I found that it works really well for a quick diversion.