Doom is still fun after all these years

I’ve not been smoking lately. This is generally considered a good thing, but even while using one of those electronic dealies you hear about I miss getting up and walking outside. I needed a way to be able to blow off some steam that didn’t involve going outside and smoking.

On a lark I fired up Doom again (PrBoom is the one I’ve been using, but there are many ports these days), and I found that it works really well for a quick diversion. It’s simple enough that you can play it for a couple of minutes without usually having to get caught up on where you were, and it loads really quickly. It’s trivial to fire it up for a few minutes, blow up some demons, and go back to work.

It’s still pretty awesome too, nearly twenty years later. It’s certainly not easy even though it’s old, and even though it’s not at the cutting edge of graphics anymore they’re good enough. Most importantly, the game play is still good. It’s not as fancy as the newer games, but it’s still pretty hard and fun to play. There’s also a wealth of WADs out there to play to keep you from getting bored with the stock WADs. They’re of varying levels of quality, but some are really good. The biggest problem some have I’ve noticed is that they’re not even remotely fair, but I’m not actually super good at Doom or anything. I only finally just beat a Cyberdemon without having to use cheats a couple of weeks ago.

Shorter version: Doom is still fun and a great stress reliever and distraction.

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