Classic bsdgames on Mac OS X

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about old-timey computer stuff, and I got a hankerin’ to play some of those old BSD games. No one had ever gotten around to getting OS X versions of the games up on the Internet, though (while some have started, no one ever seems to have finished and put their changes out there), so I spent a little time this evening and got most of them working. I’ve pt it up on github at bsdgames-osx.

I used the Dragonfly BSD games sources, along with some of the patches from the FreeBSD ports version to get them working. Most of the games built with no problem, but a few needed some slight massaging to get working. Most of the games that wouldn’t build, wouldn’t build because of conflicting function names, a missing header, that sort of thing.

A few games aren’t working yet: backgammon, fortune, hack, hunt, larn, and rogue. The remaining games that aren’t building are blocked by issues mostly along the lines of const char strings being converted to char pointers or having format strings that aren’t string literals. Update: Currently, only hunt is not building. The rest are building now, Update update: All of the games are building now (and gomoku and dab were added from NetBSD), or in fortune’s case removed because it’s readily available elsewhere. It’s in homebrew; probably better to install it from there.

Anyway, have fun. I don’t have all the rough edges filed off yet, but hope to very soon. Once everything’s happy (especially installation - that’s a bit hairy right now) Update: Installation works smoothly now, so I plan on making a homebrew formula for it as well.

Welcome to Adventure!! Would you like instructions?

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