ADN Verification with the Octopress ADN Timeline Plugin

If you have the Octopress ADN timeline plugin on your site, and want to do the App.net domain verification, it’s really easy. First, start the verification process on App.net. Second, in whatever custom aside you put your ADN timeline in, find the link to your ADN profile (it should be something like “Follow @yourname”). Add ‘rel=“me”’ to the anchor tag. Explaining further, change this line: Follow <a href="https://alpha.app.net/{{ site.adn_timeline.username }}">@{{ site.

Keep a Twitter button with the latest Octopress

If you’ve been following Octopress’ development lately, you’ve probably noticed that Twitter timeline support was dropped because version 1.0 of their API is going to be shut off soon, and the only Twitter timelines can be embedded on another site is with those hideous Twitter embed widgets. If you want something like the old Twitter timeline you can join App.net and use the adn-timeline to display your ADN posts on your site and crosspost as needed between Twitter and ADN (shockingly, I’m @captain_tenille over there too).

Octopress with multiple plugin directories

A common complaint out on the Internets about Octopress is that you have to put all your third party plugins into the plugins/ directory in your Octopress repo, which many people find rather annoying because often those plugins have their own git repos you might want to track. It turns out, though, that there’s a way now that you can load Octopress plugins from multiple directories. The jekyll gem installed by bundler by default doesn’t have this feature yet, but if you install the one from github it works.

Octopress Image Popup Plugin Update

Made a small update to the octopress image popup plugin that I posted about a couple weeks or so ago. The changes are: Thumbnails now go in a thumb/ directory. The plugin no longer generates a new thumbnail if the thumbnail exists and is newer than the original image. Unscaled popups should work better now as well. They aren’t huge changes, but should make it work better. Not regenerating the thumbnail everytime will make generating and previewing easier too, because it was rebuilding everything continuosly because it was making a new thumbnail each time it regenerated.

Octopress Image Popup Plugin

A while back, I came across this Octopress plugin for modal popups for images, which seemed like it’d be really useful, except it only scaled the image down with the browser rather than actually resizing the image. I didn’t like that much, so I never used it.

Octopress Top Categories Plugin

I have a lot of categories on this blog, particularly for astronomical objects, but I realized that Octopress doesn’t come with a page listing the categories by default. This would be very useful for me, especially as a quick way to look up an object to see if I’ve seen it before, so I installed this categories list plugin for Octopress. This plugin was all well and good for making a list or cloud of all your categories, but there wasn’t anything for ordering the categories by number of posts.

Fix The Octopress Github Repo Sidebar Item

I noticed yesterday that all of the sudden, that little thing on the side that lists my github repos quit working. I updated my octopress sources to match the current master, but that failed to fix the problem. Googling around a little, I saw that Github end-of-lifed v1 and v2 of their API yesterday, which promptly broke the Github repo thing in Octopress. Fortunately you can get the same general information from the new API, but it requires some code changes.