Octopress Image Popup Plugin Update

Made a small update to the octopress image popup plugin that I posted about a couple weeks or so ago.

The changes are:

  • Thumbnails now go in a thumb/ directory.
  • The plugin no longer generates a new thumbnail if the thumbnail exists and is newer than the original image.
  • Unscaled popups should work better now as well.

They aren’t huge changes, but should make it work better. Not regenerating the thumbnail everytime will make generating and previewing easier too, because it was rebuilding everything continuosly because it was making a new thumbnail each time it regenerated. That regenerated thumbnail would kick off another site regeneration, which would update the thumbnail, which would… You get the idea. At the moment, you either need to delete the thumbnail to generate a new one, or update the source photo; there isn’t an automated task or option for that yet.

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