A Release and Homebrew Formula for bsdgames-osx

Since I’ve made a 2.18.0 release of bsdgames-osx, I also went and make a bsdgames-osx homebrew formula to install it as well. Just plunk it in /usr/local/Library/Formula and run brew install bsdgames-osx, and you should be up and going. If it doesn’t go smoothly, of course, I’d like to hear about it; probably the best way to report issues is through Github.

The 2.18.0 release (the number was chosen to be similar to the Debian bsdgames version) isn’t a huge change or anything. I just made a release to have something to work with homebrew more easily. In testing, all of the games build and install properly on 10.7 and 10.8, and the installation locations are now more configurable than before. Now that these games are installing correctly, subsequent releases should be pretty minor (it’s not like these games have changed substantially for decades), limited to bug fixes that could pop up or the occasional new game being added if any turn up, and making sure that it still builds with new versions of OS X or Xcode. There are definitely a few more games from the NetBSD sources that I’ve considered adding, but may be problematic because of copyright issues.

Have fun with your entertainments!

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