Totally quiet note

I've been meaning to merge all the DK Scoop changes back into mainline Scoop for a while now, but somehow never found the time. I'd like to get those changes out there, though, so right now I'm leaning towards making a clean copy of the database, doing yet another audit of the code for vulnerabilities, and just releasing it that way. A script to allow importing an existing Scoop site into the DK version of Scoop might be handy too. I'll need to run another diff between the two branches, but I know from when I've tried to do it before that merging would be an absolutely beastly endeavour. We'll see what happens.

Comments imported from the old site.
a branch

sounds right.

Anything I can do to help?  Once you publish, it will put pressure on me to clean up and publish the search component as well.

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