New mod_mcpage patch

If it seems like all I'm writing about right now is mod_mcpage, well, it's what I've been doing the most work on.

Thanks to the helpful folks in #lighttpd on freenode, who made some suggestions and found some problems, there've been some changes.

I've made a new patch for mod_mcpage, this time against the svn branch of lighttpd 1.4.x, although it should apply against 1.4.19 and 1.4.20 as well. However, if you apply this patch against an earlier release (which I haven't actually tested if it would work yet), you would at minimum need to rerun autoreconf -fi, and possibly ./ to make sure all the scripts get rebuilt.

New in this patch:

  • mod_mcpage_handle_subrequest now at least will step over FILE_CHUNK data in the write queue. Still doesn't read it yet, but it's a start.
  • Binary data can now be stored and retrieved properly from memcached.
  • Patch now made against svn branch, instead of 1.4.19.

Down the road, probably after reading FILE_CHUNK data in the write queue is working, this module should also be ported to the 1.5 branch and eventually to the lighty sandbox code. If it's stable enough, the binary memcached protocol should be considered as an option as well.

Important update: It will not work with data returned by fastcgi (and probably scgi as well). A workaround that should work is to have two lighttpds, one proxying requests back to a lighttpd running fastcgi or scgi. I'm investigating how to identify and decode fastcgi content.

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