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modern-xiafs works fine on 3.14.2 kernel

I just went and tested the Linux 3.13.5 modern-xiafs module against Linux 3.14.2, and it built, loaded, and works just fine. The README has been updated to reflect that fact, but there’s nothing else to add; all previous warnings about xiafs before still stand, as said before.

goiardi version 0.4.2 released

Version 0.4.0 of goiardi, the chef server written in go, has been released. From the CHANGELOG: Fix bug with pessimistic matching (https://github.com/ctdk/goiardi/issues/1) Add authentication, authorization as an option. Add SSL as an option. Fixed a few small bugs that turned up while working on authentication. Improved test coverage further, both with go tests and a forked chef-pedant (https://github.com/ctdk/chef-pedant) Updated and expanded documentation. Full announcement here. Update: This was quickly followed by a minor 0.

modern-xiafs updated to 3.13.5 kernel

Once again, the new version 3.13 series of the Linux kernel has required an update to modern-xiafs. This particular update was quite small, although not quite as small as the update for 3.12.1. There’s not a lot more to add; all the previous warnings and statements about xiafs from before still stand.

Chef knife EDITOR variable unhappiness

I recently had to replace my main workstation because of a graphics card dying. It wasn’t all that big of a deal, thanks to the magic of regular backups and whatnot, but I found a very strange problem where when I tried to use knife to do any chef work that required editing anything in knife, I got the message: ERROR: RuntimeError: Please set EDITOR environment variable This was odd, since EDITOR was in fact set.

Making the internet better, one step at a time

While I’ve had some of those sharing type buttons on this site ever since I moved it over to Octopress a while back, I’ve never been real keen on them. In fact, I never actually use them anywhere and don’t really like them, so in order to do my part to improve the Internet I’m taking them off. As an added bonus, posts should load slightly faster too. If you feel inclined to share something from here, suck it up and copy n’ paste the URL like a normal person would.

Annotated Xiafs Sources

I’m pleased to reveal that I’ve completed an annotated version of the xiafs sources, to hopefully provide an understandable explanation of what’s going on inside a filesystem kernel module. It’s no Lion’s Book or anything, but I hope that it’s informative in its own way. If it sounds interesting, take a look.

xv6 on Mac OS X, now easy

Xv6, if you haven’t heard about it, is a reimplementation of Version 6 Unix in ANSI C for x86 processors for an operating systems class at MIT. When I first came across it a while back I wanted to play with it, but unfortunately it’s rather harder to get working under OS X because xv6 uses ELF for its executables while OS X uses COFF Mach-O (update: I’m not sure how I horked that one up.

Version 0.3.0 of goiardi released

I am pleased to announce another goiardi (a Chef server written in go) release. Version 0.3.0 of goiardi adds the ability to save the in-memory data store and the search index to disk, rather than losing everything everytime the server restarts. If the options are set, goiardi will save when it receives a SIGTERM or SIGINT signal, as well as save in the background periodically. The interval defaults to five minutes, but can be specified as an option as well.

Introducing Goiardi

A while back, I decided that I would like to learn Go, which is a pretty neat language all around (in my humble opinion). I had to come up with some sort of project that would be ambitious enough to teach myself a lot of the language features, but not so huge that I’d give up in frustration. Then I thought of a name, and realized what I had to do.

The Second Herschel 400 Roundup

Last year I started working on observing the Herschel 400 (and cataloged my results for 2012 back in October). While for a variety of reasons 2013 wasn’t the best year for amateur astronomy for me, I was still able to get some observing time in and added some more objects to my Herschel 400 tally. How did I do in 2013? NGC 752 NGC 1245 NGC 2548 (Messier 48) NGC 3007 NGC 3034 (Messier 82) NGC 3607 NGC 3608 NGC 4216 NGC 4251 NGC 4261 NGC 4273 NGC 4274 NGC 4281 NGC 4303 (Messier 61) NGC 4631 NGC 4656 NGC 5273 NGC 5557 NGC 5866 NGC 5907 NGC 6207 NGC 6229 NGC 6633 NGC 6755 NGC 6781 NGC 6826 NGC 6882 NGC 6885 NGC 6934 NGC 7000 NGC 7006 NGC 7008 NGC 7009 NGC 7062 NGC 7160 NGC 7217 NGC 7296 NGC 7331 NGC 7790