goiardi version 0.4.2 released

Version 0.4.0 of goiardi, the chef server written in go, has been released.


Full announcement here.

Update: This was quickly followed by a minor 0.4.1 goiardi release.

From this version’s CHANGELOG entry:

  • Small documentation tweaks
  • Fix bug with parsing config file options and rearrange setting some of those config struct items, fix typo in sample config file.
  • Add disable-webui option for command line and config file to disable the chef webui rails app from connecting to goiardi.

Not a lot there, but since the work was done and it seemed like a good thing to do, I cut a new release. The 0.4.1 announcement is here.

Update: And once again in quick succession, version 0.4.2 came out. Fun fact: most of the work on that release came while I had the day off after getting a spinal tap and I was a little bored.


  • Perm tweak for nodes updating themselves.
  • Small change with validating role descriptions when creating or updating from JSON.
  • Fix issue with saving complicated indexed objects to disk where improperly flattened indexable objects were making the gob encoder puke all over itself when encoding the tries in the index docs.
  • Fixed a possible regression with synchronizing cookbooks that did not show up in testing, but only in real use.
  • An absolutely bonkers fix for listing cookbook files with webui. Webui wants all of the cookbook top level attributes sent over with a request to /cookbooks/<name>/<version>, but this is the exact opposite of the behavior chef-pedant wants, where empty definitions, attributes, etc. are not sent over. Knife also seems quite content with this, so the fix for now, since the two cases are mutually exclusionary, is to only send the empty hashes for those top level attributes with a GET if the request is coming from the webui. Bizarre, but it seems to be what’s necessary.

Full 0.4.2 announcement here.

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