updated bsdgames-osx formula for Yosemite

I hadn’t gotten around to updating my Mac to Yosemite yet, so I hadn’t updated the homebrew formula for bsdgames-osx yet. Happily, though, some enterprising person went and did so. There’s now an updated homebrew bsdgames-osx formula for Yosemite. BINOWN and friends need to be set for bsdmake to work right now, which is why the old formula wasn’t working anymore.

xv6 on Mac OS X, now easy

Xv6, if you haven’t heard about it, is a reimplementation of Version 6 Unix in ANSI C for x86 processors for an operating systems class at MIT. When I first came across it a while back I wanted to play with it, but unfortunately it’s rather harder to get working under OS X because xv6 uses ELF for its executables while OS X uses COFF Mach-O (update: I’m not sure how I horked that one up.

bsdgames-osx 2.19.0 new release

I am pleased to announce the release of version 2.19.0 of bsdgames-osx. This release adds ching and wtf to the package. Both taken from the NetBSD sources, ching is the venerable I Ching generator from back in the Version 7 days that was long encumbered by AT&T copyrights. The C program itself was rewritten for 4.4BSD and had no AT&T code, but the data file was encumbered until Caldera open sourced the Ancient Unixes a while back.

A Release and Homebrew Formula for bsdgames-osx

Since I’ve made a 2.18.0 release of bsdgames-osx, I also went and make a bsdgames-osx homebrew formula to install it as well. Just plunk it in /usr/local/Library/Formula and run brew install bsdgames-osx, and you should be up and going. If it doesn’t go smoothly, of course, I’d like to hear about it; probably the best way to report issues is through Github. The 2.18.0 release (the number was chosen to be similar to the Debian bsdgames version) isn’t a huge change or anything.