DKos API: Story Posting now working on dev box, further thoughts

A story posting method's working on the dev box now, along with the proper permission checks and everything. However, there's a few little things that have to be worked out before it can be even vaguely public, and I'm still kind of dragging along here with this cold that's lasted a week and a half. Blugh. It's a nice demonstration that posting stuff can work through this API without too much hassle, but there's still some things that have to be taken care of before it becomes practical.

DKos API Authentication Scheme

This isn't active here yet, but I've settled on an authentication scheme for the API. It's waiting on me cleaning up the Perl module that will act as a reference client implementation and finishing the scoop.stories.post method, which will be the first thing you'd actually need authentication for. It took some thinking to come up with a way to handle authentication via the API, because of certain details of Scoop's native authentication measures.

DK Tech Preview: a RESTful API

Someone emailed me a while back asking me if DKos had an API for people to access the site programatically. It had never occurred to me to have something like that before, but I can see how it would be handy. I also wrote a perl client for Voxel's hAPI for some of their services, so I had been thinking about it over the last couple of weeks again. I'm still feeling kind of sick and achy from being sick since last week, so I decided to start working on one (since hopefully I wouldn't have to think too hard), using Voxel's hAPI as inspiration.