DKos API: Story Posting now working on dev box, further thoughts

A story posting method's working on the dev box now, along with the proper permission checks and everything. However, there's a few little things that have to be worked out before it can be even vaguely public, and I'm still kind of dragging along here with this cold that's lasted a week and a half. Blugh. It's a nice demonstration that posting stuff can work through this API without too much hassle, but there's still some things that have to be taken care of before it becomes practical.

I've been thinking further after discussing some of this stuff with other people, and I'm debating what direction to take this in going forward. The convenient thing about starting from scratch has been that I've been able to freely change things so it's easier for me to set up and get working. The downside, though, is that then anyone else who wanted to use it would need to write a new client for it.

The scoop.stories.list and scoop.stories.current methods, for instance, should at least have the option of returning the results in RSS or Atom format. The way I have it now is partially the result of laziness, but I also want to keep the possiblity of being able to send more information along with the response than RSS would normally have. I'm also unsure what's the best way to handle displaying a story along with comments and polls, or a particular comment and any replies.

I've also looked a little bit at the Atom and Blogger APIs for publishing stuff, but I haven't made a decision on what to do there. A big sticking point is authentication -- the methods they seem to use for authentication won't work real well with Scoop, so that would need to be worked around.

At this point, at least, the pieces are falling together nicely, and it's early enough in the process that changing direction suddenly won't be very hard. We'll see where I go with this going forward.

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