Astro Log: July 27th, 2014

Equipment: 16” Dobsonian, 55mm, 12mm TeleVue eyepiece, Paracorr.

New objects observed: NGC 6756, NGC 6802, NGC 7086, NGC 7128

Previously viewed objects: Messier 13, NGC 6755, Coathanger

This was only the third night I was able to get out this year. It sucks, but I did get some new objects at least.

Messier 13 is, of course, not a new object. My six year old son had expressed a desire to look at something in the telescope though, so I went and got it in view before I went to try and wake him up. He insisted he wanted me to wake him up to look at stuff in the sky, but when it came time to actually get out of bed, he dug in and stayed there.

After that I headed off to try and tackle some more difficult objects. Of the various Herschel 400 objects, with the light pollution here and the time of year it is most of the ones I can get end up being open clusters. In addition to reobserving NGC 6755 and the Coathanger, I viewed NGC 6756, NGC 6802, NGC 7806, and NGC 7128. NGC 6756 was particularly difficult, only barely visible with averted vision with the 12mm eyepiece. None of them were particularly interesting either, sadly.

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