My Chef Backlog

I have too many Chef projects lying around in varying states of completion waiting to be spruced up and shared with the world. If left to my own devices I’ll keep putting it off, so I’m putting them down here to help remind myself to finish them and keep track of what they actually are.

  • Encrypted cookbook and remote files for Chef. The cookbook file part is finished, but remote’s a work in progress.
  • A lighttpd cookbook. Needs sprucing, mostly. Support for RHEL/CentOS still lacking, but does Debian & presumably Ubuntu. Only actually used with Debian though.
  • memcacheq cookbook (memcached based queue system)
  • Some MySQL cookbook changes to allow it to support Percona, as well as some more modern my.cnf options in the config file. Just needs sprucing and being brought back up to date.
  • A couple of… sillier cookbooks.

If I was a cruel man, I’d also put out the apache13 cookbook I had to make at one point. It’s a fairly uninspired port of the apache2 cookbook, but will happily install apache13 for you (I thought I was going to need to install apache13 + mod_perl at one point, but managed to punt it). Of course, to use it you have to get apache13 packages. I obtained these by forward porting etch’s apache13 debs to lenny and squeeze. Fun!

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