mod_mcpage for lighttpd 1.5 svn patch 0.93.0 (working)

And working quite nicely, too. This is a mod_mcpage patch for lighttpd 1.5. (There's a tarball too.)

This is the long awaited mod_mcpage where you can add a local memcached instance as a fast local cache with a quick timeout. From README.mod_mcpage in the tarball:

This patch adds the ability to add a local fast memcached with a quick time-out for extra quick serving. It tiers with the other memcached servers (which you can have an array of) so that data from the remote memcached servers gets put into the fast local memcached server, where it will live for a few seconds until it times out and gets fetched from the remote again. For very frequently accessed pages, this can be an at least 10x speed increase over just remote memcached servers.

I made some benchmarks for the fast local cache, just a remote memcached, and no mod_mcpage caching at all a few weeks ago too. These benchmarks do not include using the binary protocol, which does speed it up a bit more. At this point, with the binary protocol turned on and using the tiered remote memcached + fast local shortlived memcached, serving cached dynamic content is about as fast as serving a static file.

This patch has all the features of the previous one, plus:

  • The aforementioned fast local cache.

Todo down the road:

  • MD5 hashing of keys might be nice, but I still haven’t gotten around to it.
  • Fetching from memcached is still blocking. This really ought to be dealt with.

Feedback is appreciated, and should be sent to jeremy -at-

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