mod_mcpage for lighttpd 1.5 svn patch 0.92.2 (working)

This is a working mod_mcpage patch for lighttpd 1.5. The issues working with compressed data, mod_deflate, uncompressed data, and some other strange combinations has been ironed out. Local files, fastcgi, and proxy data have been testing with various combinations of mod_deflate being turned on and off (in lighttpd and the backend), and it's all working now. Took some jumping around, too.

This module stores content, either local or proxied, in memcached so it can be served out of there rather than hitting the disk or the backend server. Your results may vary, but I've been using a version of this module to good effect on Daily Kos for over a year now with no problems.

This patch has all of the features of the previous version, plus:

  • mod_deflate issue ironed out
  • Binary data sniffed out, so it doesn’t try to compress stuff it shouldn’t.
  • It can automatically set the memcached namespace to the hostname. See the README for details.

Todo, down the road:

  • MD5 memcached keys might be worth doing.
  • Local in-memory shared short-lived cache
  • Fetching stuff from memcached needs to be non-blocking

Any testing from motivated folks out there would be appreciated. Feedback should be sent to jeremy at, or posted here.

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