Back from the dead! Now with more mod_mcpage stuff.

I'm finally caught up on a huge glob of work that didn't lend itself to blogging (stuff with poll data parsing -- just not really worth writing about), especially on top of holidays and then a recent trip to Disneyland.

However, while on said trip, I started poking at mod_mcpage again, and managed to fix some stuff. Then, while I was at it, I made some improvements and cleaned some things up too.

The patch (with extra files) is at mod_mcpage-0.90.1.tar.gz (patch only).

Changes in this patch:

  • Segfault on blank page fixed
  • Chunked transfer encoding data works now. This means fastcgi etc. work.
  • Cleaned out some dead code, removed extraneous strlen calls, fixed a couple of possible memory leaks.

In progress:

  • Porting to 1.5 branch. It remains to be seen if one unified patch can be made for both the 1.4 and 1.5 branches. It's mostly done, but there were some changes to the plugin interface that need to be worked around.

To do:

  • Get FILE_CHUNK working.
  • Once in a very occasional while, lighttpd with mod_mcpage will segfault when calling inflateEnd from zlib when decompressing data retrieved from memcached. It doesn't seem to be consistent, and examining core dumps reveals no hint as to why it happens. It's pretty rare, but it would be nice to find out why it's happening.
  • Add an option to md5 memcached keys for storage and retrieval.

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