Some helpful pages on vim I don't want to lose

I’ve had these handy-dandy pages with wonderful vim tips up in tabs on my browser for a couple weeks or so now, and I don’t want to lose them. They’re super cool and worthy of study, though, so I’m stowing them here. As much as I’ve used vi and its derivatives over the years, there’s always more to learn.

A Case for Small Editors

A lot of people spend a lot of time customizing their text editor. They bring in all sorts extensions, plugins, and shortcuts with the notion that it’ll make them more productive. In my experience, though, it doesn’t really do anything to help and can actually hurt. If you’re happy with your tricked out config, that’s your business, but it’s OK to not want it. I do confess that I have a vimconfig that I keep in github.

iTerm, vim, and copy and pasting

I've got some Macs these days, but I'm still a vi kind of guy. It's what I do pretty much all my work in, as far as work that involves editing text goes. It had always driven me a little crazy, though, that when I was using vi in iTerm (which is an excellent terminal emulator for Mac OS X - I highly recommend it), if I copied text from elsewhere and pasted it in, if you pasted in a line that went over the width of the terminal, it would break the long line up into many little lines and generally never worked right.