I’ve been working on a golang wrapper library for libnecpp from nec++, a C library interface for a C++ rewrite of nec2c, which is a C rewrite of the original FORTRAN NEC2. That wrapper is in a pretty good state (although like so many projects not “done”, as such), and you can find it on github at There are godocs for the library as well. Areas for future work include:


As a little learning exercise, I’ve written a calculator for Moxon antennas in Java as a command-line utility called moxoncalc. Given a frequency in megahertz and a wire size, moxoncalc will spit back to you the dimensions of a Moxon antenna designed to work at that frequency. By default it includes a diagram of what a Moxon looks like, but there are also optional formats with a short display that merely lists the dimensions of the sides and elements and a JSON rendering of the short display.