Palomar 12

Astro log: September 1st, 2010

Catching up on Astro Logs again... Equipment: Orion Skyview 6 Deluxe EQ, 32mm, 15mm, 9mm eyepieces, OIII filter. New objects observed: Messier 72, Messier 30, Palomar 12?, NGC 188, NGC 7293 Previous objects observed: M31, M32, M110, M33 New location! Keechelus Lake Notes: Catching up on these again, sigh. This time, I investigated a dark site at Keechelus Lake up by Snoqualmie Pass. It has the advantage of being a much shorter drive than the other sites I've investigated, but on the downside the sky isn't as dark as it is at Sunrise or Mt.