Ngc 6781

Astro Log: September 10th, 2013

Equipment: 16” Dobsonian, 55mm, 12mm TeleVue, 6mm eyepieces, 2x Barlow, OIII filter, Paracorr. New objects observed: NGC 6755, NGC 6781, NGC 752, NGC 1245 Previously viewed objects: Messier 31, Messier 32, NGC 7009 I got a good night for observing for the first time in nearly two months. Ugh. I was mostly pursuing Herschel 400 objects this night, but did spend some time observing the Andromeda Galaxy for a while. It looked pretty good, especially for being in the city - not only was the nucleus nice and bright, but there were hints of the rest of the galaxy around it, even the barest hints of the dust lanes.