Messier 83

Astro Log: May 3rd, 2013

Equipment: 16” Dobsonian, 55mm, 12mm TeleVue eypieces. New objects observed: Messier 61, NGC 4261, NGC 4260, NGC 4270, NGC 4273, NGC 4281, NGC 4268, NGC 4324, Messier 98, Messier 100, NGC 4312, Messier 83 (Update: Geez, how did I manage to forget to actually list these when I first wrote this? I plead distraction by kids.) Previously viewed objects observed: Messier 44, Saturn Location: Near Mt. St. Helens I had been on the verge of having observed all of the Messier objects for a while, but conditions here haven’t been good for observing for months.

Astro log: Catching up, late 2010-May 2012

I've fairly diligently kept up keeping records of what I've been observing, either by tweeting about it or noting it in the notes on my iPhone or in SkySafari (also on my iPhone). It's been a pretty brutal last year and a half or so, weatherwise, so I had surprisingly few chances to even get out and observe anything. Plus, once you've fallen behind a bit it's hard to pick yourself up and get caught up.