Messier 29

Astro Log: August 10th, 2012

Equipment: 6” Orion Skyview EQ, 32mm, 15mm, 6mm, 4mm eyepieces, OIII filter. New object observed: NGC 6910 Previously viewed objects observed: Messier 29, Epsilon Lyrae, NGC 7331 New location: Rockaway Beach, OR. Rockaway Beach is fairly dark, but unfortunately it was hazier and damper than I realized, which made it both more difficult to observe than I hoped it would be and brought a fairly early end to the night. I did try searching around for an observing spot that wasn’t so near the ocean that might be above some of this haze, but nothing has panned out yet.

Astro Log: June 13th, 2010

One in a series of entries catching up on a serious backlog of Astro Logs. Equipment: Orion Skyview 6 Deluxe EQ New objects observed: M63, M92, M29 Previous objects observed: M81, M82, M94, M5, M13 Notes: Catching up on a massive backlog of Astro Logs I let develop. Unfortunately, all I have are the notes I left on Twitter about what I saw.