Galilean Moons

Astro Log: December 14th, 2014

Equipment: 102mm Maksutov-Cassegrain telescope, 32mm, 25mm, 15mm, 12.4mm eyepieces, tabletop mount, AstroMaster 76’s mount. New objects observed: none Previously viewed objects: Messier 44, Messier 45, Messier 42, NGC 1981, Jupiter, Io, Europa, Ganymede, Callisto, Trapezium New equipment! A 102mm Maksutov-Cassegrain telescope from Orion with a tabletop mount, suitable for packing in one’s luggage and taking on a trip.

Astro log: Sept. 23th, 2009

Equipment: Orion Skyview 6 Deluxe EQ, using the 32, 9, 6, and 4 mm eyepieces, and the 2x Barlow.

Previous objects observed: Neptune, Jupiter


Didn't do much last night, but after I was able to resolve Uranus as a disk the other night I thought I'd give Neptune a shot again. I got up to 250x magnification with the 6mm and the 2x Barlow, and I'm pretty sure I saw a tiny disk. I spent some time comparing Neptune at that magnification with some nearby stars, and they were definitely more point-like, so I don't think it was a weird optics thing. So, tentatively I think I was able to resolve a disk from Neptune, albeit a very tiny one.

After I was done with Neptune I looked at Jupiter for a bit. It was its usual banded self, all four Galilean moons visible. Didn't spend much time on it.