Chef Lighttpd Cookbook

At long last, I’ve cleaned up and generalized the cookbook we’ve been using to install lighttpd on our servers here, and finally released the Chef cookbook for lighttpd to the world. It works pretty similarly to the cookbooks for other webservers, so there aren’t really any surprises there. I have a few further things planned with it, like adding CentOS support and getting it to work with test-kitchen. In the meantime feel free to check it out, especially if you use or have used lighttpd in the past, and let me know if you have any suggestions.

A Chef Cookbook for Dwarf Fortress

Productivity is the greatest scourge a workplace can face. You want to make sure your workers aren’t too productive, but how do you do that? Sure, you could install Dwarf Fortress, but then you’d need to keep up with all the Dwarf Fortress updates. If you have your workers do it, they might get distracted and get work done while they should be playing Dwarf Fortress. What are you going to do?

A Chef chef cookbook

Chef the automated systems stuff is very nice, but I’ve always felt its lack of a cookbook for Chef the programming language was a serious omission. This omission has been rectified. I give you a Chef cookbook for the Chef programming language. Here’s an example program from the main Chef site: Fibonacci Numbers with Caramel Sauce. This recipe prints the first 100 Fibonacci numbers. It uses an auxiliary recipe for caramel sauce to define Fibonacci numbers recursively.