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Bsdgames-osx 2.19.0 New Release

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I am pleased to announce the release of version 2.19.0 of bsdgames-osx. This release adds ching and wtf to the package. Both taken from the NetBSD sources, ching is the venerable I Ching generator from back in the Version 7 days that was long encumbered by AT&T copyrights. The C program itself was rewritten for 4.4BSD and had no AT&T code, but the data file was encumbered until Caldera open sourced the Ancient Unixes a while back. The other new program, wtf, expands acronyms like TCP, UDP, or WTF.

As always, the homebrew formula has been updated. The homebrew formula for bsdgames-osx also has a HEAD option, so you can install the very latest code out of git with brew install bsdgames-osx –-HEAD, if you decide you wanted to do that.