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ADN Verification With the Octopress ADN Timeline Plugin

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If you have the Octopress ADN timeline plugin on your site, and want to do the App.net domain verification, it’s really easy.

First, start the verification process on App.net.

Second, in whatever custom aside you put your ADN timeline in, find the link to your ADN profile (it should be something like “Follow @yourname”). Add ‘rel=“me”’ to the anchor tag.

Explaining further, change this line:

Follow <a href="https://alpha.app.net/{{ site.adn_timeline.username }}">@{{ site.adn_timeline.username }}</a>.
Follow <a href="https://alpha.app.net/{{ site.adn_timeline.username }}" rel="me">@{{ site.adn_timeline.username }}</a>.

Then, of course, finish the verification process on the ADN website.

And that’s it. Adding a configuration option to the plugin for verification would be easy enough, but since a new Octopress is theoretically coming out very soon, an easy solution like this is probably sufficient. I would imagine that whatever ADN timeline plugin that comes with the new Octopress will have the verification stuff built in.