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Mod_mcpage for Lighttpd Updated

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This is not a huge update for mod_mcpage, but it changes the receive timeout, and adds configuration options for auto ejecting hosts, the server failure limit, and the retry limit. This fixes a problem where if a memcached server goes down lighttpd + mod_mcpage would wait way too long before giving up on memcached.

The README.mod_mcpage has more information on how to use the new options. The repository is, of course, at https://github.com/ctdk/lighttpd-1.4.x/tree/ct_custom.


Working on this again brought up some further improvements I’d like to make to the module.

  • Add a configuration option for the “poor man’s HA” available in libmemcached, where keys and data will be mirrored on multiple servers, so if a server fails it will move to the next working one.
  • Update mod_mcpage to use some of the new libmemcached goodies, like the new configuration stuff, and change deprecated functions and constants to use the new ones.
  • There are a few small updates to lighttpd, and they should get merged back into my tree.